Pac-Man is arguably the greatest video game character of all time. His games have earned millions in revenue, he's been featured in cartoons, on cereal, had his own hit song, and there is more merchandise than a retro fan knows what to do with. Did you also know that they made more than 10 different Pac-Man arcade games? Some official, some not, but all are worth playing if you ever come across one. Check out a Visual History of All 13 Pac-Man Arcade Games.

Pac-Man (1980)

Ms. Pac-Man (1981)

Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man (1982)

Super Pac-Man (1982)

Pac-Man Plus (1982)

Baby Pac-Man (1982)

Professor Pac-Man (1983)

Pac & Pal (1983)

Jr. Pac-Man (1983)

Pac-Land (1984)

Pac-Mania (1987)

Pac-Man VR (1996)

Pac-Man Battle Royale (2011)