Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of the Dead or Alive series and helmsman of of the Ninja Gaiden series, has announced that his shooter Devil's Third will be revealed this year.

Itagaki broke the news on his Facebook, unveiling the revamped logo in the process. It looks almost exactly like the old one, except for the fact that "Third" is now more metallic.

Devil's Third is going to be a third-person shooter which will be fully revealed later this year. Whether or not will come out this year as well is a mystery, as is the rest of the game. Since THQ dissolved, there's been nary a word about Devil's Third, and much it may have changed in the last few years. There are scant detail's about Itagaki's next project, but we expect big things from the man who brought us Dead or Alive and updated Ninja Gaiden.

Expect to hear more about this title as the year goes on. We'll keep you updated on any new details that might arise.