Tomonobu Itagaki, known for creating the Dead or Alive series and Ninja Gaiden's massive reboot in 2004, has some great things to say about his big project, Devil's Third.

In an interview with 4Gamer (translated by Siliconera), Tomonobu Itagaki, formally of Tecmo, is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of his latest project, Devil's Third, in 2015. Itagaki has been working on Devil's Third since he left Tecmo back in 2008 and created Valhalla Game Studios, which had other former members of Team Ninja joining his ranks in the years that followed. Itagaki might be remembered for his silicone-filled brawls and ninja hack-and-slashes, but Devil's Third is going to be something quite different.

"It looks like Devil’s Third for Wii U is just about done. It’s been two years spent on designs, and four, six years of development,” Itagaki said. “We’ve really kept all of you fans waiting, but for our first title since going independent, it wouldn’t be fun if we released a small game, so [Devil’s Third] is the result of making something while going all out.”

Devil's Third combines first and third-person shooting sequences alongside hack-and-slash mechanics. We're not sure why a guy covered in Japanese Kanji all over his body would be called Ivan, but we can't wait to see how Itagaki will shift back and forth between these tried-and-true action styles throughout Devil's gameplay.

“The single player is made to be like the action games of yesteryear,” Itagaki added. “And the online competitive multiplayer mode was designed on a scale that will make you go ‘this much already?!’ The release date announcement will still take a little longer, but let’s play together when it releases. It’s loads of fun!!"

Devil's Third will launch sometime in 2015 exclusively for Wii U.