The '80s was an awesome decade. Except for the horrid fashion, it was the decade with the best music, the birth of the video arcade, and had the best music. Did we mention it had the best music? Relive those pastel days with Devil's Attorney, the latest game by 1337 Game Design.

Two new trailers for Devil's Attorney were released and this turn-based strategy game looks to have a great mix of gameplay and humor. It reminds me of the Phoenix Wright games on the DS. (And the App Store.) The first trailer kicks things off with a sweet '80s tune about how awesome of an attorney Max McMann is. Check it out!

Looks great, doesn't it? If that trailer doesn't convince you, then this second one that they cut will.

We can't wait for this game! Devil's Attorney will hit the App Store on October 11th. Look for our full review right after it's released.