Moe Charif and Dcode Films has finally released their 12-minute long fan film based on the Deus Ex franchise.

'Human Revolution' continues the story of Jensen, who originally was a former S.W.A.T. member chosen to safeguard a biotechnology lab. A militant extremist group attacks the compound and murders nearly everyone working at the lab. After Jensen was found severely wounded, he got his "Six Million Dollar Man" on and came back stronger and faster... with a lot technological/cybernetic advancements to boot.

This fan film depicts Jensen trying to rescue his ex-girlfriend, Megan Reed, from the Illuminati, the main antagonist force of the series. Megan was forced to work on some strange machine for the Illuminati but refused to help. Just as Jensen found her and tried to liberate his old flame, a female, cybernetic assassin shows up for an absolutely epic fight that embodies the tech noir, cyberpunk style of the Deus Ex series.