The time that all Destiny fans have been waiting for is finally here -- Crota's End finally has a hard mode.

Bungie has been teasing a hard mode for Crota's End for what seems like forever now (but was really just a few weeks), and it is finally going to deliver. If you've been running around Crota's End feeling like you could do it with your eyes closed, you will get a chance to see the more challenging version of the expansion's big raid. Crota's End certainly needs a hard mode if people are soloing it. Bungie has tentatively suggested that there may be something special awarded for the first five-person team who defeats this new raid difficulty.

So here are the specifics: Crota's End: Hard Mode will officially launch on Jan. 21 at (tentatively) 10:00 PM EST. Keep practicing those headshots until Super Crota opens its doors.

Time to play 'Immigrant Song' in anticipation: