Even though Destiny's newest Raid has been available for a few weeks, Bungie has only just gotten around to fixing up some of the glaring issues.

There were one too many people getting launched into the air after exploding in Pillars of Light and Bungie decided that just wasn't okay. Now it's implemented a hot fix that will keep you from becoming Buzz Lightyear. Most of the fixes that are being implemented were talked about in Bungie's last update, but now they're finally coming to life. There will be a lot of changes to Crota's End such as the bridge encounter now forcing players to cross the bridge to complete it, the Shriekers will now properly spawn in the deathsinger encounter and drops are more in line with the game. Plus, the LAN cable trick for the Raid boss has been fixed, so no more easy pickings at Crota's End.

Bungie has also disabled the upgrade Black Hammer from the Sniper Rifle because it wasn't cooperating with the White Nail upgrade. There will also be updated rewards and a new PVP Map, Iron Banner that will start today, Jan. 13.

To check the full list of hot fix notes, you can head over to Bungie's website where it lays everything out for you in nice, neat bullet form.