Bungie is back from the holiday season to bring us updates to its controversial game, Destiny, as well as information about its guns.

With Destiny being out for a few months now, Bungie announced on its official site that it can start to really look at how to improve its popular first-person shooter. One of the ways it's doing so is by releasing a new patch with a bunch of much needed fixes and updates. A big thing that Bungie is working on is a hard mode for Crota's End, one of the new raids in Destiny. There have been over one million completions of the raid thus far and Bungie thinks it's time to give its players a bigger challenge. You can check out the rest of its changes and updates for Crota's End and other parts of the game on its blog.

Another thing Bungie revealed is some new knowledge about the guns being used in Destiny. The top three guns played are as follows: Primary Weapon -- Vision of Confluence, Special Weapon -- Murmur and Heavy Weapon -- Despot SA/5. If you're interested, you can check out everyone's favorite guns in the picture below.

While you're waiting for the patch that will come out on Jan. 13, you can check out what gift Bungie gave you as a special 'thank you' present for the holidays from the Postmaster.