In case Peter Dinklage voicing the Ghost in Destiny wasn't unique enough of a companion for you, there might be a new skin for it coming in a special delivery.

There have been many critics of Peter Dinklage's portrayal of the Ghost in Destiny (including us). While we can't fix up Tyrion's dulled-down dialogue, we're going to be able to at least make things look better. Bungie has announced it has new gift for Destiny players in the way of a new legendary... thing, IGN reports.

Reddit has been fast to try and uncover the mystery behind what the gift might be and has decided it's either one of two things -- a new skin for the little robot that follows you around or it's a new Sparrow mount. The Sparrow idea came from a game file that users have quickly taken to calling the 'Snowflake' Sparrow. After Bungie announced that its Christmas present would be pushed to January following the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live's DDoS troubles, it seems that this Sparrow theory could be right.

Bungie is remaining tight-lipped about the whole thing, so we'll just have to wait and see what it has up its sleeve for this belated holiday present.