We all know Destiny will inevitably have a sequel after its two expansions, but there appears to be even more DLC on the way before that happens.

Kotaku reports that the following leaked Bungie photo (provided below) suggests there is a DLC expansion for Destiny, called "Comet," in the works. The picture has been floating around online since October, and Redditors were finally able to look at the fine print and read what it says. The photo seems to be a timeline for what players can expect from Destiny in terms of its upcoming House of Wolves DLC. More importantly, it hints that there are more DLC expansions coming after House of Wolves.

The incredibly blurry picture below shows not only the first two Destiny expansions we know about, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, but also the Comet DLC pack and two other expansions. House of Wolves will be arriving in March with three new story Missions, one Strike, one Raid, new Crucible maps and the addition of the Reef setting.

Comet will be supposedly arriving in September and includes 12 new story Missions, three Strikes, one Raid, one Patrol Mission, new Public Events, a new map (likely a new planet), three new sub-classes and an increased maximum level of 30.

Here's to hoping Bungie is able to shape Destiny into the game we were all hoping it would be. Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on these expansions once more information is available. Don't forget there are still plenty of planets the Guardians have not yet liberated from the Darkness.