First, there was that player who soloed Destiny: The Dark Below's big raid, Crota's End. Now, someone did it with arguably one of the worst guns in the game.

Redditor xThreeDoG just let the world know that he was able to solo the Crota's End raid of Destiny's The Dark Below expansion. Originally an open challenge for anyone to do, xThreeDoG was able to use the least popular Exotic weapon in the game as his primary gun as he ventured deep into the moon to stop Crota and the thousands of other adds and bosses along the way. Seeing it more as a challenge and a handicap than as to how bad it is, xThreeDoG was able to use the gun's only saving graces (it still kind of kills things) to help him survive Crota's End.

Here is the original challenge on Reddit made by Rash_Octillery for someone to complete Crota's End solo with the No Land Beyond gun (and his confirmation that xThreeDoG did it):

Everyone talks about how bad this gun is. But no one views it for what it is...A challenge to use. Obviously this is the best handicap you could be given in a game. So I propose a challenge to my fellow guardians:

Challenge: Complete the CE raid solo using No Land Beyond.


  • Must keep NLB equipped as your primary the ENTIRE raid. (No Gjallarhorn, challenge yourselves)
  • It must be used to kill, as in killshot the bosses in each section. (Ogres, Deathsinger, Swordbearers, Gatekeepers, etc, with the obvious exception of Crota)
  • You are free to use whatever rares/legendaries you want for ADDs or to help take down the health of a boss.
  • Must be recorded for all and a link posted for all of reddit to see how old school cool you are. What level of cheese is unacceptable for the Abyss?
  • [Update] Rules on Cheese:
  • No using the lights to propel you through the map
  • No exploits to despawn enemies while attempting to traverse the bridge
  • Sword Melee hover is acceptable to cross the bridge (still have to kill the swordbearer with NLB)
  • At the end of the thrall section you may stand on a rock so long as you are shooting stuff with NLB.
  • Hunters if you run through the thrall maze using invisibility, you must down an ogre using ONLY NLB before crossing.
  • Warlocks/Titans: For thrall maze you must down an ogre before crossing but only the kill-shot needs to be landed by NLB.


  • Reddit Gold (Delivered 3x)
  • Taking the title of the Most Interesting Guardian in the Galaxy.
  • No one can ever say you aren't good enough again. In anything.
  • Open to other suggestions
  • Unknown Rewards (Delivered)


Congrats to /u/xThreeDoG for completing the challenge and becoming the most interesting Guardian in the Galaxy. With this challenge completed I hope that the elitists will take note and stop being ridiculous in their requests ( /r/fireteams and ).

Here is the video footage of xThreeDoG's legendary run through Crota's End on his YouTube account, Silverhawkz0: