Another alum of id Software has joined up at Oculus Rift. This time it is the designer of Rage who has made the leap into VR territory.

The co-founder of id Software John Carmack, who still works at id, is currently functioning as Oculus Rift's Chief Technology Officer. Matt Hooper, one of the minds behind Rage has joined up with Carmack to be the Director of Development. What does this mean? Well, we might be seeing some serious creations coming from Oculus Rift, not just in hardware, but software too.

From the tech demos, the Oculus Rift could be poised to seriously shake up gaming and provide an experience unparalleled by any other peripheral. It will be fascinating to see which, if any of the consoles offer support for the VR headgear. The company has been doing its best to snap up the best talent from various companies that have been involved with video games for a long time.

According to id co-founder Tim Willits, Rage is not a dead franchise, but is simply sitting back. With so many id employees working over at Oculus Rift we might see a collaboration. Imagine the next Doom game in glorious virtual reality.