Another week and it's another Steam sale. This week has some hefty discounts on some seriously fun games like Binary Domain and The Secret World.

Steam is legendary for having some mind boggling great deals. Deals so good, you can't help but throw money at a game you've never heard of in the chances of finding a diamond in the muck. All week long, Steam will be featuring some deep discounts on some really enjoyable games. Everything from third person shooters to MMOs are on sale.

You can check out the full list here, but below is a list of some of our favorites on sale.

  • Binary Domain - $24.99 $6.24 - A fun and futuristic third person shooter.
  • Cities XL Platinum - $29.99 $20.09 - Possibly a cure for Sim City Blues
  • The Secret World - $29.99 $22.49 - An MMO if you're tired of the usual MMO
There are plenty of others on sale as well, but don't let your paycheck go up in steam. Save it for the next Steam sale.