Anyone not excited for a full Deadpool video game had better check. His. Pulse.

High Moon Studios announcement of the Deadpool video game during last year's E3 was actually a pretty big surprise. No one really expected the Merc with a Mouth to get his own game even if he did make a good co-star in several other video games. Just how well the Deadpool game will turn out remains to be seen, but if this trailer is any indication, High Moon is off to a good start.

Due out later this summer, Deadpool appears to be full of the over-the-top action and humor expected of the character. Hopefully the laughs and combat will be strong enough to endure a full 6-8 hour game. In comic books (which are basically 10 minute reads), Deadpool is hilarious. How that translates over a prolonged time will have everything to do with High Moon's writing and Nolan North's acting.

You can check out the full trailer below, and let us know if you're excited to throw down with Wade Wilson in the comments.