Deadpool, beloved by Marvel fans for his sarcastic and often cavalier attitude, makes his way to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on June 25th. Gamers who pre-order on Amazon or through GameStop will get a few bonuses with their purchase.

Ordering from GameStop will reap such extras as a Deadpool digital wallpaper, two new maps for the Challenge mode, two extra costumes, and an unlockable Infinite mode where gamers' stats are monitored on a global leaderboard.

If you pre-order through Amazon, you will receive a $5 Amazon credit for select Marvel graphic novels as well as an exclusive digital wallpaper and digital cover sleeve.

News of Deadpool's release is bittersweet, as Activision laid off 40 full time employees at High Moon Studios several weeks ago. In a statement regarding the decision, Activision said that they are, "offering those employees who are impacted outplacement counseling services."

The game is priced at $49.99 for console users, with the PC version selling for $39.99.