High Moon got Deadpool's approval to introduce fellow X-Force member Psylocke and frequent X-adversary Mr. Sinister to his upcoming action game.

It's not entirely clear what role these guest-stars will play in Deadpool, but the expanding cast of Marvel heroes and villains should do well to make fans happy. Unfortunately, that happiness may come at the expense of Deadpool's, as it's unlikely the "merc with a mouth" will be thrilled at having to share any of the spotlight in what's supposed to be a solo game.

You can check out Deadpool's character run downs of both Sinister and Psylocke below. Sadly, Psylocke appears to be stuck in her old costume, which reeks of the 90s, but at least she'll be appearing in game.

Which other Marvel characters do you want to see make an appearance in Deadpool?

Deadpool Mr Sinister
Deadpool Psylocke