The new trailer and a handful of scary screenshots for Dead Space 3 have surfaced, so grab a buddy and dive into the fray!

An article on VGA247 shows of a few screenshots and a brand new trailer from the upcoming game in the Dead Space series. The screenshots show Isaac, now probably super tired of killing necromorphs, decked out in arctic gear and doing what he does best. Not to be outdone when it comes to fashion and functionality, one of the necromorphs is shown workin' it with a hooded winter outfit and wielding what looks to be a climbing pick. Looks like the cold terror of space just got a little bit colder.

The trailer is called "Two Ways to Play," and features footage from both the single-player campaign and the co-operative multiplayer mode. It's always interesting to see how players view their partners when they're battling against their own minds.

The screenshots and the trailers are below. Check them out to momentarily slake your alien zombie-killing thirst and look out for the game when it drops on February 5th, 2013.