Visceral Games and EA have released a gameplay trailer for Battlefield Hardline's upcoming Criminal Activity DLC expansion.

This official reveal trailer for Battlefield Hardline's Criminal Activity DLC reminds us a lot of Payback and Hotline Miami, especially with all the neon and animal masks. Nothing screams "Criminal Activity" like a Tommy Gun. As for new maps, Code Blue has a Florida nightclub setting perfect for shootouts. The Beat looks like an urban location with plenty of streets, alleys and apartments. Black Friday takes place in a mall, which features a very Dead Space-esque hat on display in one of its stores. Lastly, the Backwoods map is filled with a rundown logging town and trailer park, which offers plenty of hiding spots. We can't wait to start playing cops vs. robbers in these new areas.

Here are the features you'll get in Battlefield Hardline's Criminal Activity DLC:

  • Four fast-paced new maps – Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat and Black Friday
  • Two new rides (including a lowrider with hydraulics
  • Two new ammunition types for specific weapons
  • A new gadget
  • Three new weapons
  • A nailgun battlepickup
  • New Bounty Hunter game mode
  • Six new masks: animal masks, and four new police headgear options

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity will launch next month. Gamers with a Premium membership to Battlefield Hardline will be able to download and play this DLC expansion first, while non-Premium players will likely have access to it a few weeks later.