Although the franchise has been widely praised, Dead Space 3 has received its share of heat for employing microtransactions in the game. In an interview with Game Informer, Dead Space 3 executive producer and Visceral Games VP Steve Papoutsis addressed the issue.

In the interview, Papoutsis pointed out that the microtransaction system is optional and the game doesn't require any microtransactions. If players wanted to pay a bit extra to expedite their journey, that's their choice.

"Our team is full of gamers," said Papoutsis. "We would never add a pay-to-win mechanic to our games - we're all about play-to-win. But as gamers, we also know that some people are busy these days and sometimes like a little boost; it's easier for them to do that than invest extra time to collect the items themselves."

The interview also addressed complaints from fans that Dead Space 3 strayed from its atmospheric origins to venture into more action packed territory. Papoutsis also deflected these criticisms, claiming atmosphere is "personal and subjective."

"We set out to make a game that felt like Dead Space, continued our story, and provided answers for player who have been anxious to learn more about the Markers," added Papoutsis. "The team nailed those goals."