Those sick, twisted developers at Visceral Games have whipped up a Dev-Team Edition of Dead Space 3 that will have your bank account praying for mercy. And you know what? We're all for it.

Feast your eyes on the Dev-Team Edition. This collection of Dead Space wares will set you back $160, but look at all of the doodads it holds! Each crate will come with the following:

  • 8" Black Marker Statue - Now you can own a statue modeled after the artifacts that started all of these Necromoprhic nightmares! The highly-detailed statue is made of polyresin and is creepy, but beautiful. Just don't accidentally stab yourself with it.
  • Aluminum Data Pad - It's a 10" by 7" hinged flipbook with 9 sets of pages. This handsome pad is modeled like it was created using 200-year old tech and features much of the game's content, like characters, ships, and Aliens.
  • Med Pack Water Bottle - A 14-oz water bottle modeled to look like a single-dose med pack. The description on the site reads, "The vastly accelerated healing effects routinely save lives, but often result in misaligned bones and other soft tissues, requiring follow-up surgeries to correct." Hopefully that won't be the case in real life.
  • Bound SCAF Jotter - 20 pages of Dead Space lore, based on Doctor Earl Serrano's findings!
  • SCAF Posters - A set of three 12" by 5" posters that rock an old-school look and feel, featuring pre-EarthGov propaganda.
  • Peng Postcards - 6 vintage postcards with Sovereign-era pin up girls.
  • 96 Page Mini Art Book - 4.75" by 6.5" book of Dead Space 3 art, which can only be found exclusively in the Dev-Team Edition.

In addition to these goodies, purchasers of the Dev-Team Edition will also get DLC codes for the First Contact bunde and the Witness the Truth bundle, each with their respective suits and weapons.

You can buy the Dev-Team Edition with the game for $160. The crate will then be sent to you prior to the game's release on February 5th, 2013. Or if you already have the game pre-ordered elsewhere, you can nab all of the add-ons for $100.

Only 5,000 of these bad boys will be available, so you'd better act fast and get one from the site if you want one. Check out the video below and let us know if you're willing to spend the extra cash for this sweet package.