Tecmo-Koei has revealed that a third new character will be joining the ranks of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, Famitsu reported today. Nyo-Tengu will join previously announced fighters Marie Rose and Phase-4.

Nyo-Tengu literally means “female Tengu.” In traditional Buddhist tradition, a Tengu is a type of mischievous but powerful supernatural entity who protects forests and mountains. In the Dead or Alive world, Bankotsubo, the final  boss character in DoA2, and an unlockable character in DoA4, is a Tengu.

Nyo-Tengu comes from the same mythical race as Bankotsubo, and uses many moves that are reminiscent of him. Her smaller size and wings, however, make her a unique fighter who focuses on aerial movement and wind attacks. With her revealing costume and overt sexuality, she also fits in perfectly with the rest of the Dead or Alive roster. For a 1018 year old woman, she’s held up really well.

Nyo-Tengu is set to appear in the Arcade version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate sometime in late June, and we’re hopeful that she will join Phase-4 and Marie Rose as a DLC character for console versions at some point in the future.