Dark Souls 2 is on its way and with it comes a bevy of screenshots from the new trailer. The original Dark Souls was a tough, sob-inducing test of will that left many a sadistic player weeping openly, and its sequel looks to do the same.

The game promises to be so tough that we feel weak even looking at these screenshots. Dragons, mysterious masked figures, and a torso full o' arrows seem to be on the menu, so steel thyselves, would-be warriors.

Dark Souls 2 will boast a new storyline, a new character, a new world for players to explore (if they can even get past the early stages of the game), and a new server-based multiplayer mode. From Software, the developers of the game, are hard at work on the game, but publisher Namco Bandai has yet to offer any concrete release dates.

But while you wait, you can watch the trailer below to whet your appetites for the bone-shatteringly difficult title. And check out the screens for a more detailed look at the harshly beautiful world they've created.