Wii-U owners are apparently hard up for some punishment, judging by the start of a petition to get Dark Souls 2 onto Nintendo's newest console.

The petition was started by Christopher Marcil, who says the Wii-U would be a great platform for the action-RPG sequel, citing the Gamepad as an excellent peripheral for item management, the system's affordability compared to PCs, and the free online service that Nintendo offers as worthy complements to the title.

Dark Souls 2

According to IGN, petitions like these got the first Dark Souls onto the PC, proving that the power of gamers' voices banding together can accomplish much. We recently reported on another petition to get Grand Theft Auto 5 developed for the PC, so we'll keep track of these efforts to see if they come to fruition.

The petition for a Wii-U version for Dark Souls 2 has about 4,700 supporters as of this writing. If you want to see this happen, go to the site and offer your signature! In the meantime, watch the newest trailer below and imagine all of that on the Wii-U.