Every now and then we come across a great crossplay that really makes us go, "Hmm. Yeah, that's probably what that character would look like as a girl." In today's Cosplay of the Day, we one such crossplay, featuring a female version of Devil May Cry's Dante.

And after seeing this costume, we'd love to see the original Devil May Cry saga remade with a female Dante. Capcom can even call it late-game downloadable content or something. But for those not familiar with the character, Dante is a half-demon who hunts devils, eats pizza like a badass, and works as a private investigator. When he's not quipping and looking way too cool for his own good, he's tearing up demons in slick combos.

Dressed up as the female version of Dante is RedBiter, a Costa Rican cosplayer who's made the character's style all her own. She's got all of components of male Dante's outfit represented, but with a more feminine flair. What's more is that she's also seen toting around Dante's trusty sword, Rebellion. She gets an SSS for SSSensational!!!

Take a gander at more of her costumes on deviantART and let us know what you think about this devil in disguise.


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