It's a sad day for the press as CVG announced it is closing up shop after three decades of providing professional computer and video game-based journalism.

Computer and Video Games has confirmed that it will be ending its longtime service in being one of the top providers of gaming news and features in the UK. CVG was one of the premier media sources of video game-related content in Europe and has put in over 33 years of service to the industry, going from its printed magazines to the Internet. Future Publishing will be adding video game news, reviews and other features to its other website, GamesRadar+ in the mean time. CVG's previous features are expected to make the jump over to GamesRadar+, which is a combination of Future Publishing's other websites, such as Total Film.

Here are some heartfelt words from CVG's Editor, Andy Robinson:

I won't lie: at times it's been traumatic and stressful for the editorial team - as it would for anyone whose job was uncertain - particularly in those early days when the whole restructure news came as a total shock.

But the medium, digital world and profession of journalism is rapidly changing, and the way in which games content is delivered online ultimately needs to change. We would've loved CVG to have been part of that shift, as it's adapted so many times before to the times, but alas it's not to be.

In February GamesRadar+, which has many talented writers in the US, UK and Australia, will replace CVG's daily news and review output. They're a great bunch of people and I wish them every success.

I could scribe for days what CVG means to myself and the many brighter, better qualified custodians who've filled its pages over the decades. But we've been just that - custodians. Below are the thoughts and memories of just a few of them.

Thanks to every reader, writer, games developer, newsagent and ISP that made CVG possible - it's been super. And I'll always be proud to say I was part of the story.

We here at Arcade Sushi would like to thank Andy Robinson, Jaz Rignall, Paul Davies, Ed Lomas, Steve Key, Patrick Garratt, Tim Ingham and the rest of the CVG family for every contribution they've ever made to the industry. We haven't been around anywhere near as long as CVG has, and we're saddened to see them go. We wish its team our best.