You can never get enough cuteness in your life which is why we made a list of the 14 Cutest Video Game Characters. Adorable things make everyone smile and forget their troubles for a while. There are a ton of cute video game characters out there, but which ones are so cute they'll make you squee? We've compiled a list of the 14 Cutest Video Game Characters out there, so if you're in need of a smile, get ready to grin and squeal!

Mudkip- Pokemon

I know you've heard how we all like Mudkips, and that's because they're so darn cute.

Slime- Dragon Quest

With those large eyes and sweet as pie smile, Dragon Quest's Slime could get away with murder.

Ilo and Milo- ilomilo

Ilo and Milo will make you weep with joy after seeing this duo's sweet reunion.

Jigglypuff- Pokemon

Jigglypuff may be cute, but if she catches you unaware she'll lull you to sleep and draw all over your face with markers.

Maya and Ruby- Be Together

Here we have another couple trying to reunite- hopefully those giant eyes help them spot each other.

Biggs- Critter Crunch

Biggs! This guy's so cute he barfs rainbows- no joke!

Kikwi- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Don't you just want to squeeze him until his little fluffy body explodes?

Moogle- Final Fantasy series

Moogles are a breakdancing, magic-using, ball-headed race of oh-so-adorable critters.

Bear- Triple Town

Even with red evil eyes you still just want to pinch these bears on the cheeks and give them a pat on the tushie.

Sackboy- Little Big Planet

He may try to look threatening but, really, all he wants is a hug.

Clank- Ratchet & Clank

Clank's a multi-use mechanical pal, so don't talk down to him by telling him he's cute.

Aiai- Super Monkey Ball

Ever notice that Aiai's ears look like cinnamon rolls? Mmmm, cinnamon rolls.

Toki Tori- Toki Tori

Not only is Toki Tori freaking adorable, he's too cool for school.

Kirby- Kirby games

Kirby may be one tough cream puff, but he looks like a big ball of cotton candy.

Who else would you put on our list of the 14 Cutest Video Game Characters? Let us know in the comments!