Cut the Rope, the brilliant game that made its debut on the iOS, is on sale on Steam. Now there is absolutely no reason for little Om Nom to go hungry.

Cut The Rope comes from a long line of games with titles that serve as instructions. You cut the rope holding the candy at the appropriate time so that it falls into the waiting jaws of a little lizard with a sweet tooth. And now you can do all of this for just $5.00!

It was a joyous little game to play and was never lacking in charm or challenge. That little lizard needed some sustenance and you were just the person to deliver it via strings, elastic, balloons, and pinwheels.

The Steam sale on Cut The Rope is going on until March 29th, 2013 so don't wait too long or else Om Nom will starve! Will you be forking over $5.00 for all of the physics-based goodness? Let us know in the comments!