If we have learned anything from RPGs, it would be that the first word in "Final Fantasy" is a misnomer, but the Curtain Call tagline might actually be apt.

In an interview with GameSpot, producer Ichiro Hazama hints that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call could be the last we see of this music-based spin-off series. Hazama admits that many of the new characters and songs added into Curtain Call that weren't in the 2012 original were included due to the fans' opinions, but "if we did exactly what the fans told us, what we'd end up with would be Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 7."

"One of the things I think we should do is use downloadable content to increase the amount of tracks, songs and music stages available," Hazama added.

In terms of what the Theatrhythm series has in store for the long run, Hazama admits he's unsure of what to expect. He even admits that this will be the last time we will see the Theatrhythm name attached to Final Fantasy.

"This is just my own broad thinking, but we're probably going to draw the line on Final Fantasy. This will be the last Theatrhythm featuring Final Fantasy. I'm thinking about other titles with music that we produce, we can do something with that." Hazama added.

Hazama's comments opened a door of possibilities as to the future of the Theatrhythm series. We'd love to see Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts or Parasite Eve done next.