Renegade Kid is the studio behind Mutand Mudds, Dementium, and Moon, some of the finest titles available for the PC, iOS, 3DS and the DS. Now they've unveiled a new first-person shooter called Cult County for Nintendo's 3DS.

The game is set to feature a horror story surrounding a cult. Whether or not this cult is made up of people that dabble in the occult or just happen to really like Apple products has not been revealed. But what has been revealed is a set of screenshots from the game that you can view on your 3DS' web browser or by scanning the QR code here.

You'll be able to look at the pictures in 3D and see all of the dust particles popping out at you! Renegade Kid hasn't released any info concerning the game's story, but it's a first-person shooter with a wrench-wielding hero, which history has proven to be an effective combo.

Check out the screenshots on your 3DS and let us know if you're excited by the prospect of another first-person shooter on a 3D handheld system! We'll let you know more as tidbits about release dates, story, and other details are released!

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