Crytek, the creators of visually-stunning giants like Crysis 3, showed off their CryENGINE 3 at GDC in a demo reel featuring tons of titles from different licensees.

The tech demo lets us fly through all kinds of titles that are being worked on by about 14 different developers. We see everything from standard first-person shooters located in ancient cities, ruins located on tropical islands filled with vegetation, to the tracks of a racing game. There's even a golf game in which golfers duel each other with clubs!

This varied look at the power of the engine is meant to show off the versatility of CryENGINE 3 and how developers can use it to create realistic worlds with jaw-dropping aesthetics.

You can find the entire reel below and check out all of the licensees' projects for yourself. Our vote for most-anticipated game would have to be that crazy golf one.

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