We truly can't get enough of these Crysis 3 trailers. Each new one is even better than the last and serves to get us even more pumped for the game's release. This latest trailer combines the awesome action we've come to expect from Crysis and sets it to the amazing alt-rock sounds of the English band, Muse.

It seems like the settings on the action controls have been jacked up to 11, because the music helps drive Prophet's ass-kicking to new heights. The song is called "Liquid State" and comes from Muse's album, The 2nd Law.

The video features a mish-mash of footage we've seen before as well as some newer examples of Prophet doing his thing. We didn't keep track of the kill-count in the trailer, but we're confident that it's pretty up there.

The game will be out on February 19th, 2013, so watch the trailer and keep your excitement refreshed and revitalized!

Let us know if you'd rather have Prophet's Nanosuit or Master Chief's MJOLNIR Armor!