We're here today to bring you the 10 Creepiest Cosplays found in the darkest corners of the internet. With the excessive amount of pretty cosplay costumes out there, sometimes it's hard to spot the ones that you wouldn't want to walk past on the sidewalk. We're not talking about the ones that make you laugh, scratch your head, and say, "What the hell?". We're talking about the ones you don't want to see before you fall asleep. Delivering a sense of uneasiness and dread, here are the 10 Creepiest Cosplays.

  • Siam

    Silent Hill: Homecoming

    You can't start a list of the 10 Creepiest Cosplays without showcasing this masterpiece. Created by Avianna and Daguru, Siam comes to life in a very accurate and scary way.

  • Clicker

    The Last of Us

    Model Emma, with the help of Make-Up Artist John, comes in next with a Clicker from The Last of Us. The photography by Inner Shadows captures this horrific scene brilliantly.

    Innershadows Photography
  • Diablo

    Diablo III

    Talk about terrifying! Made from a mere $145 worth of Walmart materials, Josh has created this nightmarish display. If this doesn't creep you out, we can't imagine what will.

    Joshua Smith
  • Jeff

    Jeff the Killer

    Jeff the Killer is a paranormal tale on the internet that blew up and eventually had its own iOS game. While the story may not be as haunting, this cosplay by Max is.

  • Big Daddy


    We can't figure out if this is more creepy or awesome. Maybe a lot of both? Either way, Dim Horizon Studio has given us something to keep our eyes open for.

    Dim Horizon Studio
  • G-Man

    Half Life

    Coming in 5th on our list of the 10 Creepiest Cosplays, we would hate to see Memphiston's G-Man wandering around the city. He perfects the character in a staggering way that makes you think he could be the real thing.

  • Witch

    Left 4 Dead

    Shhhhh! It would be a good idea not to disturb this witch. Those eyes don't look too fond of anyone.

  • Nemesis

    Resident Evil

    Now this guy can really pull off a very creepy Nemesis. Although, we think he was pretty scary to begin with.

  • Kageri Sendou

    Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

    Beautiful, enchanting, spooky. Those things come to mind when we look at Kika's Kageri Sendou. It might not be as twisted or gory as the others, but you can't deny this is eerie to look at.

  • Pyramid Head & Nurse

    Silent Hill 2

    Last but not least, we end with this fantastic piece -- Pyramid Head versus Nurse. Both have won a spot at being #1 on our list of the 10 Creepiest Cosplays.