Are you a fan of first-person shooters? Do you have friends who are too? And are some of those friends always going on about how Android's so much cooler than iOS? Want to shut them up once and for all?! Then join the Overkill tournament and win some glory for your mobile OS of choice!

The kind folks at Craneball Studios are going to settle the score with their cross-platform tournament. If you've ever wanted to make your Android-loving friends eat it, then now's your chance. The amount of iOS players currently outnumbers Android users by almost 50k, but that doesn't mean the fight will be easy.

If players need more motivation, other than getting to hold the win over their friends' heads, the triumphant platform will receive 1 million Overkill Medals, the game's premium currency! These spoils of war will be evenly distributed among the victors and should provide an added incentive.

The grudge match is set to begin on November 23 and will run for a full week. Check out the game's official site for more details and to be keep up to date on the stats during the tournament.

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