Help children start the journey to learning HTML and CSS and help them create their first website through CodeQuest's gameplay and interactive storytelling.

The all-female, Stockholm, Sweden-based developer team at Codarica has launched CodeQuest yesterday at The Walt Disney Company's Disney Accelerator Program Demo Day. The Disney Accelerator program invested in 10 tech start-ups yesterday, with Codarica's free game app for the iPad being one of them. CodeQuest will have kids progressing through 10 mini-game stages where they'll learn the ins and outs of basic-level coding through lessons and stories geared at their specific ag ranges. Children will be able to choose all sorts of fonts, colors, backgrounds and schemes for their personalized website. During the course of CodeQuest, the player will be tested on over 100 pieces of HTML and CSS code. By the time a child finish's making their site on CodeQuest, parents will be able to publish the page on Codarica's servers in order to share it with their family members and friends.

With no third-party advertising or pushing of in-app purchases, CodeQuest is a great, free choice to help set a child spark an interest in coding that'll return dividends in the future. It is currently available for free on the App Store for the iPad.