The creative folks at The Fine Bros. decided to see how kids in the year 2014 would react when they were introduced to the original Game Boy, the device that blazed a trail for handheld gaming. Their responses are... well, see for yourself.

Our favorite quotes:

"Ooh, this is like a really old video game!"

"Girls can play this! Why can't it be called Game Boy/Girl?!"

"It's the old DS or something... oh it's a Game Boy, it says it right there."

"It's a really old portable gaming device... it's not like there's going to be any amazing games on it."

"Wait... you don't just turn it on and get the apps?"

"It's like I'm holding a ginormous phone... hello?"

*Playing Tetris* "I think my mom would be better at this."

One child reaches the top of the screen in Tetris:

"I made it, it says Game Over!" *he's told he has to stay at the bottom* "You guys never told me that!"

As funny as this video is, it's rather disheartening to see a device we older folk held so dear as children cast off as "old" or "clunky." We think it's time all children are educated in the ways of video games just like we were back in the old days. You know, when we walked 15 miles to school uphill both ways.