Danger Mouse made a name for himself years ago with The Grey Album, a mashup of Jay-Z's The Black Album and The Beatles' White Album. Now 2 Mello, a rapper who hails from Lexington, Kentucky, has mixed Jay-Z's rhymes with the soundtrack to the Super Nintendo title Chrono Trigger.

"Look, as a gamer and MC/hip-hop producer, I had always wished there were more idols in the field of rap music who gamed, or at least talked about it a bit in their raps," writes 2 Mello on his Bandcamp page. "It would have helped me relate more, and certainly made me feel more comfortable in the art."

Chrono Jigga's shining moment is "Wind Cry", a song that blends the evocative Chrono Trigger tune "Wind Scene" and the Jay-Z track "Song Cry." 2 Mello actually used a "Wind Scene" rendition from YouTube user/violinist mklachu for his song "Ignorant Scene."

You can check out the track "An Encore in Time" below, and if you want to download 2 Mello's album for free, check out chronojigga.com.