Feel like you could use a little more magic in your life? Well, Child of Light is going to fill that void when it comes to PlayStation Vita.

A post on the Ubisoft Blog features an announcement about a PlayStation Vita version of Child of Light coming in July. Child of Light is Ubisoft's recent side-scrolling platforming role-playing game that stars a little princess named Aurora. In Child of Light, you'll make your way through a fairy tale in the land of Lemuria and help the young princess bring the light back to the world.

It's got jaw-droppingly gorgeous aesthetics and excellent gameplay, both of which should be a boon for the PlayStation Vita's library. You'll be able to download Child of Light on July 1 for $14.99. Check out the accolades trailer above to see how gorgeous this game is in action. That UbiArt Framework engine is just all kinds of eye-candy.

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