A former BioWare programmer has developed a cooperative party game called Spaceteam, in which players armed with iOS devices must yell instructions at each other in order to save their spaceship from imminent destruction.

Each player's device will feature a control panel with a random assortment of doodads, buttons, sliders, and switches. Instructions will pop up, prompting the use and adjustments of the aforementioned instruments. Sounds simple enough? Well, the catch is that the instructions you see will be meant for another player. This means that you'll have to bark orders at your friends and use the power of teamwork to save the ship.

Judging from the gameplay video below, playing Spaceteam can get all kinds of confusing, especially when a group of people are spouting nonsensical technobabble jargon at each other. But hey, this could make for a really great party game, provided that you know at least three other people with either an iPad, iPhone, or iPod! Check out the screens and let us know if you'd be prepared to save your ship by --- setting sigmacappers to 0?