CineFix, the geniuses behind 8-bit re-imaginings of such classic films as 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Inception' and 'A Clockwork Orange,' have turned their attentions to one of the most polarizing and confusing movies of all time, 'Donnie Darko.'

2001’s 'Donnie Darko', directed by certified weirdo Richard Kelly, tells the story of the titular Donnie, a young man with a very serious rabbit problem. The existential film dealt with time travel, causality, apocalyptic visions and child pornography, alternately confusing and delighting viewers with its somewhat inscrutable plot. While it flopped at the box office, it became a successful cult classic on DVD and Blu-Ray, and helped launch the careers of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The 8-bit version hits all the main plot points of the film, including Drew Barrymore's famous “Cellar Door” speech, and with its drab color scheme and chiptune version of "Mad World," it even manages to capture some of the movie’s dismal, pessimistic tone. It’s not quite the best homage video CineFix has produced (that honor goes to Forrest Gump; I would play the hell out of that game), but it’s still thoroughly entertaining and filled with small details from the movie that will delight 'Donnie Darko' fans. Sadly, it holds no answers for those who found the movie a confusing exercise in nonsense, but at least we get an 8-bit Seth Rogen for like four seconds.

You can check out more of CineFix’s videos on their YouTube channel.