Join up with the Project Mayhem crew and see how everything would look if 'Fight Club' was turned into an 8-bit video game.

The folks at CineFix have crafted this fine retelling of Chuck Palahniuk's 'Fight Club,' which was directed by David Fincher. In the video, we see iconic scenes from the film, complete with a gigantic Robert Paulson running down the street like an almighty boulder.

As you can see, everything's been giving the classic arcade treatment, and 'Fight Club' looks like it could have blended in quite well with beat 'em up classics like The Punisher, Final Fight and Double Dragon.

Fans will recognize a lot of the scenes, even though Durden and The Narrator look nothing like their counterparts, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Even Marla is instantly recognizable, which is a testament to the artistry the folks at CineFix have. Watch the video above and enjoy the cult classic's retro treatment.