Nintendo's E3 2014 trailer for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has given the little guy the most attention he's ever gotten since Super Mario Bros. 2 debuted for the NES back in 1988.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is the newest spin-off from the Super Mario franchise starring one of the longtime servants of Princess Toadstool. While there have been many Toad characters throughout Mario history, we're glad to see Captain Toad take the spotlight since Wario's Woods and Super Mario Bros. 2. Treasure Tracker was mainly inspired by the Captain Toad levels from Super Mario 3D World. Any game that features Shy Guys and this fun guy (get it?), has gotten our attention.

Be ready to help the Super Mario co-star on his own adventure when Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker launches exclusively for Wii U this holiday season. Treasure Tracker will also be supporting Nintendo's new Amiibo figures, but the Big N has not clarified as to what extent.