, makers of the world’s leading productivity vampire, Candy Crush Saga, has released its most recent financial report. Since the same period last year, the mobile game giant has nearly tripled its monthly user total and more than doubled its revenues.

For 2014’s first financial quarter, King is reporting $606.7 million in revenue. This represents only a one percent increase in revenue from 2013’s final quarter, but a 193 percent increase over Q1 2013. It’s also the third consecutive quarter in which King has netted over $600 million in gross bookings. The active daily user total was 143 million; nearly triple the 36 million reported last March. Perhaps more importantly, the total number of monthly unique payers went from 4.059 million to 11.859 million, an increase of 289 percent.

Profits totaled $127.2 million, up 241 percent from a $52.7 total in 2013’s first quarter.

67% of the Q1 total comes from Candy Crush Saga. This is significant decrease from last quarter’s 78%, and is attributed to a slight decrease in the game’s numbers as well as higher totals from Farm Heroes Saga.

King’s CEO, Richard Zacconi, touted the strength of the company’s line-up, stating, “Our existing titles are performing well, and with the strong performance of Farm Heroes Saga following its January mobile launch, we had three games in the top 10 grossing games list on all major platforms for the first quarter.”‘s numbers are steadily rising, and their presence in the mobile gaming market should remain very strong in future months. Personally, I don’t think I know a single person who is still playing Candy Crush, but somebody must be. Around 143 million somebodies.