Sergeant Hartman is planning to gouge out your eyes and make you his new Gomer Pyle in this newest Voice Pack coming out for Call of Duty: Ghosts

Golden Glove Nominee R. Lee Ermey has returned to the snarling, random-insult-hurling character that made him a household name in Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam War film 'Full Metal Jacket.' While Ermey was acting at the time, he drew strictly from his experience as a real-life Drill Instructor who served during Vietnam, where Ermey also served as a Staff Sergeant and Gunnery Sergeant for the United States Marine Corps.

Ermey will be providing his iconic, angry voice to the Drill Instructor Voice Pack, which will change out all of your in-game multiplayer alerts to his commanding voice. Infinity Ward intends to release the Drill Instructor Voice Pack on Apr. 22 exclusively on Xbox Live (for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One). The Drill Instructor Voice Pack will launch on other consoles for Call of Duty: Ghosts at a later, unannounced date. Just make sure you don't forcibly choke yourself in anticipation -- Ermey will probably order you to do it later.