Just when you'd forgotten about zombies and Project Shield, Nvidia announces that Burn Zombie Burn will be coming to their brand new handheld console. 

Burn Zombie Burn is a supremely enjoyable top-down shooter that lets you blow away an assortment of flesh-munching baddies. The game was already released for PC and PlayStation 3, but we're wondering how this port will fair on the device.

Since Project Shield supports two modes of gaming, Android-optimized and PC streaming, it is unsure how the game will be released. Hopefully it is a fully-optimized Android release so you can shirk the PC tether and tear apart zombies anywhere you like.

The performance of the Tegra-based device is yet-to-be-seen, but from the video above, it doesn't look too bad. We'll have to wait and see when we finally get our hands on the device.

What do you think about Project Shield? Will it make you rethink a next-gen console purchase? Let us know down in the comments.