Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an upcoming adventure game from Starbreeze Studios that seeks to tug at our heartstrings and fill us with emotion through its gameplay. In a behind-the-scenes video, the creators explain how they'll try to accomplish this.

Josef Fares takes us through some of the things they've been working on at Starbreeze Studios in Sweden, giving us a look at the top-down adventure game about two brothers who want to cure their father's illness.

The stakes are even higher for the brothers since they've already lost their mother after failing to save her. Fares explains how the game will let you control both brothers at the same time and how the adventure is supposed to be like a fairy tale that's always changing.

Fares cites his directorial experiences and says that in movies, characters go through character arcs and change, and that players will see that happening with the brothers in the game.

Watch the video below and let us know if you'll want to see this fraternal fairy tale unfold when it's released soon for PC, the PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3, and the Xbox LIVE Arcade on Xbox 360!