Can it be true? A Borderlands game on mobile devices? Will our precious iPhones and iPads be graced with Lilith's presence? And will this magical event happen some time this month?!

Well, according to IGN's discovery of an ad within the official digital strategy guide for Borderlands 2, the answer is a "YES"! Some time before the end of October, we'll be treated to a wave-based action game with a cover system and oodles of weapons to collect on our iPhones and iPads.

The stars of this mobile mayhem will be the main characters from the original Borderlands, so Lilith fanboys rejoice! There's also the promise of randomized missions, a host of powers for you to utilize, and something called Fight For Your Life mode, which is probably a tasty survival mode.

The ad says that the game will blow your mind in October. With a little over a week left in the month, it'll be out faster than you can say "Claptrap"! Be sure to look for our review to see if this loot is truly worth picking up.

We're hoping to see some of Borderlands' awesome cel-shaded graphics shine on the retina screens and melt our faces. What are you looking forward to seeing in this mobile release? Anticipating the fun of gunning on the run? Looking to loot a lot with Lilith? Tell us in the comments below!