The 10 best hardcore games can be a controversial list among serious gamers. What constitutes a game as "hardcore"? For starters, it's one that is an intense gameplay experience. One that is enjoyable to play no matter what level you're on or who you're playing against. One that's challenging and tests the players skills and reflexes. Are these games hardcore enough for you? Let's find out in this list of 10 best hardcore games!

  • 10

    Dead Trigger

    Madfinger Games

    It's you vs. a horde of the undead in Madfinger's awesome (and free!) zombie survival game. Complete a host of various missions as you try and rid the world of zombie madness. Tons of blood and bullets puts Dead Trigger in our 10 best hardcore games list.

  • 9

    DoDonPachi Resurrection HD

    Cave Co., Ltd.

    Can't see what's happening on screen? Don't worry, no one else can either. Cave makes some of the most hardcore shooters imaginable, and DoDonPachi Resurrection HD is no exception. Despite the high pricetag, this is one incredible shooter, filled with awesome graphics and sound. This game has so many bullets on screen at one time it should require you have two iPads side-by-side just to see what the heck is going on. It's for hardcore shooter fans only, and that's how we like it.

  • 8

    Mass Effect: Infiltrator

    Electronic Arts, Inc.

    Even though I hate the controls, there's no denying Mass Effect: Infiltrator has earned its hardcore status. Beautiful graphics and intense firefights make this shooter a must-buy. There's nothing more satisfying than blasting aliens while trying to find a way off of the Cerberus base. One advantage the iOS version has over the console and PC? The ending won't piss you off!

  • 7

    Street Fighter IV Volt


    See the picture below? That's me getting my ass handed to me by somebody online. Despite his cheap piledriving Zangief tactics, Street Fighter IV Volt makes our list of 10 best hardcore games because a) it's Street Fighter and b) it's Street Fighter. If you can't recognize Street Fighter IV as the hardest of hardcore fighting games then you deserve a video game fate worse than the broken neck Ken just got. Stupid cheesy players...

  • 6

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

    Activision Publishing

    I'd probably rank this higher if the graphics were so ugly. But I guess they match the ugly zombies littering this hardcore shooter. With a fun single-player mode and intense multi-player either online or through local wi-fi, you'll be blowing undead heads off for hours. This game is so intense you better make sure you've killed all your background apps before playing or you may not have enough memory to handle this hardcore beast.

  • 5

    Grand Theft Auto III

    Rockstar Games

    What could be more hardcore than running people over in a car you just jacked before getting into a shoot out with the police? If it's illegal, it's legal to do in a Grand Theft Auto game. Controls take some getting used to, but once you've got 'em down you'll be creating a rap sheet so long it'll take two prisons just to hold how criminally insane you are.

  • 4

    Trigger Fist

    Lake Effect Applications

    Trigger Fist is a Counter-Strike lover's iOS dream. Go online and test your skills against other l337 headshot experts as you play kill-em-all or team deathmatch. You can even try and hold a goat for 90 seconds while your team protects you. What's more hardcore than running around with a goat on your back as you fire an AK? Maybe a porcupine, but they're probably saving that for the sequel.

  • 3

    Dead Space

    Electronic Arts, Inc.

    Dead Space is not only scary, but it's hardcore to the bone. Disgusting creatures around every turn try and rip your face off as you grab weapons and do your best to dismember them in the most inhuman ways you can think of. That's if you didn't jump first when one of them came at you from out of nowhere. Only a sissy would play this game with the lights on.

  • 2

    N.O.V.A. 3


    My love affair with N.O.V.A. 3 continues as this hardcore shooter puts you right into the middle of the action and doesn't let up. A cool story, amazing graphics and super-intense firefights guarantee you'll play this game all the way through, then play it again because it was so much fun the first time. Will N.O.V.A. 4 be as hardcore as N.O.V.A. 3? I can't wait to find out.

  • 1

    Infinity Blade II

    Chair Entertainment

    If you've never played Infinity Blade II then you are missing out on the hardest of hardcore games. Our #1 pick for 10 best hardcore games has graphics so stunning they look like they should belong on a high-end PC. The graphics and sound only compliment the intense and crazy battles with behemoth warriors looking to chop your head off. This game is non-stop action, and with the recently added Skycages expansion, hardcore gamers will be slicing up bad guys for a long, long time.