Borderlands 2 will receive its sixth playable character, a Psycho-turned-Vault-Hunter named Krieg, next week. A new video has gone up that shows this mask-wearing berserker in action, so that you can get a feel for his high risk, high reward style of play.A new video from VG247 features Gearbox Software's Anthony Burch introducing Krieg, the Psycho Bandit, and he reckless gameplay style.

Krieg's combat style is a blend of all the bandits you've seen in the game, so it's almost like you're playing as the enemy. Burch says that "you should be able to emulate their behavior in some way, or you should be encouraged to emulate their behaviors." Part of this means that you do as much damage to yourself as you do to your enemies.

Burch also talks a bit about some of his skill trees, like the Hellborn skill tree that focuses on setting yourself on fire in order reduce incoming damage, boost weapon damage, and increase the chance to set others on fire.

One talent that's explored is called Light the Fuse, which replaces the Second Wind mechanic that lets you get a kill in order to be revived upon suffering a killing blow. Instead of letting you crawl around, trying to shoot someone for a revive, you become suicidal and start throwing sticks of dynamite everywhere before blowing yourself to high hell. Of course, if you manage to kill someone in the blast, you'll be revived!

Check out the video below and let us know if you're excited to play as this Psycho Bandit. He's not part of the Season Pass, so you will have to pay $10, or 800 Microsoft Points, to use him. But look forward to his release on May 14th, 2013.