Time to cap off the week with some kickass crossplay! Let's take a look at a genderbending BioShock Infinite cosplay as we turn the spotlight on a female Booker DeWitt.

Booker DeWitt is a private investigator who's been tasked with heading to the floating city of Columbia to retrieve a girl named Elizabeth. He's got a checkered past and has plenty of memories he'd like to forget, and maybe even a few that he can't remember. His high-flying adventures in Columbia sparked plenty of violence, but that's just par for the course of a former Pinkerton agent.

Here's Raychul Moore as a female version of Booker. And you know what? She definitely looks the part. She's faithfully represented the vest, his cravat and even his shirt, even though everything here is 100% sexier. Throw a Sky-hook into the mix and you've got a cosplay ready for the skies.

Take a look at everything else Raychul has to offer on her Facebook page. This is one gamer-extraordinaire who really knows her cosplay.

Adam Patrick Murray
Rick Basaldua
Rick Basaldua

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