This newest trailer for Bloodborne features From Software's signature Dark Souls gameplay mechanics with a twist of the macabre from the Victorian era.

Watch Bloodborne in action is always a treat, and this latest trailer delivers. Bloodborne adds some morbid panache to From Software's Dark Souls formula by changing it to a theme that is even more grim. By making everything set in the Victorian era, everything is dark, the monsters are even more grotesque and the future looks bleak. Luckily, your character has a lot of handy tools mixed with modern technology to help him survive. Nothing beats dodging a hulking monstrosity, tripping it with an attack and then using a flamethrower on it while it's down.

We also liked the part where you fought another hunter-like character who turned into a massive werewolf. It was surprising to see that you won't be fully alone throughout your adventures and will have some other hunters and townspeople occasionally by your side. Hopefully, the game will have multiplayer that will play similar to what we saw in this trailer.

Bloodborne is expected to launch on March 24, 2015 for the PlayStation 4.

This game looks kind of scary:

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